Top Deer Fence Tips – How to Build a Deer Fence

  Deer Fence Tips – How to Build a Deer Fence – If you’re looking to add some appeal to your garden or increase the value of your...


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Deer Fence Tips – How to Build a Deer Fence – If you’re looking to add some appeal to your garden or increase the value of your property, then you may want to consider installing a deer fence. In this article, we’ll cover the do’s and don’ts of deer fencing, as well as show you how to build one yourself. This can be done in just one weekend and will result in an attractive addition to your garden that also serves its purpose as a deer barrier!



It is hard for you to enjoy watching deer in your garden as you might be afraid of them. For making your garden deer-proof, it is very important for you to build an effective fence around your garden. Different species of deer need different type of fencing depending on their behavior and nature. So before building a fence, check out these top tips that will help you learn how to build an effective and best deer fence in no time.



Make sure that your fence is of top quality. Keep in mind that deer can jump over fences easily. So, you need a strong and tall fence at least 6 feet tall to keep them away from your garden. You can even go for 8 feet if you are living in areas where deer population is high. At times, they even jump walls that are around 10 feet tall. Hence, it is important that your fence should be taller than their jumping abilities.



It is advised to use bamboo or wooden fence for deer fence. It should not be made of metal as deer are sensitive and if any part of metal touches them, it will hurt them. Do not use treated wood for fencing because its smell can be harmful for deer and may harm them if they accidentally eat it from your garden or near your house. You can also make deer fence yourself by using PVC pipes, wires, stakes and other wooden pieces.


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Setting up fences around your garden is one of the best ways to keep deer out and give them no way in. Our top tips can ensure that you build an attractive fence, with minimal hassle. If you follow our advice, you’ll be able to get rid of these pesky animals once and for all!


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