The Greatest Classical Books of All Time

He talks about “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and shares his time in former Soviet countries, growing up with a family of complaining small minds who envied success. I’m...


He talks about “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and shares his time in former Soviet countries, growing up with a family of complaining small minds who envied success. I’m not a fan of summaries in bullet points or in a list of quotes taken straight from the book . That lack of specialization might make the reviews somewhat less authoritative if you’re looking for a specific subject matter expertise subject . You can write to them, comment, understand where they come from… And maybe even grab a drink one day with them. As far as I understand, was formerly known as “Nuggets” and now it shifted its focus from simple quotes to full summaries. And Vince might consider doing a few summaries in a row on specific topics, which will help grow his expertise and make him more of an authority on specific niches.

I learned so much about being a manager, and my management skills immediately improved after I started to do some of the things that Julie recommends. It completely changed the way I thought about sharing stuff online, and encouraged me to start my blog in January 2016. Include a list of your key achievements in life to prove that you can deliver results. Introduce the story, the characters, the events, state the main ideas, and conclude.

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An overview of the history, science and philosophy of memory set against a year-long sprint from memory virgin to 2006 U.S.A Memory Champion – by journalist, Josh Foer. 8 MINUTE READ

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There’s a full-text summary on the website, a podcast for an audiobook-style precis, and a YouTube video that combines visuals with Knight speaking. Knight has the ability to pick the most important nuggets from any book and present them in context through his own words. The mobile apps allow you to download books for offline listening if you pay for the premium account. But well, the website offers free MP3 downloads of each book . It makes little sense to pay for the premium plan unless you want to support the developers and content team.

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That works out well for many books, but since I’m not a huge fan of Blinkist, I am sometimes skeptical when it comes to heavier and more research-based books. Paul does not weave in much of his personal life and personal thoughts. That’s why I personally don’t like the approach of “neutral summaries”. As you might have noticed, this is a pet peeve of mine. I don’t just like to read what’s good about something.

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